As several people have been asking, I will introduce the Siraxta Horses pregnancies for 2020 one by one in order of appearance.
The ET foals are all (but the last one) carried by my own wonderful mares 

So here is number 1)

Emerald van’t Ruytershof x Kannan x Heartbreaker x Jalisco B x Elf III x Rantzau XX x Obelisque II XX (ET) 7.4.2020

From the famous Grand Prix damline of ‘De Coquerie’. The mare herself jumped in young horse classes in France before going into breeding.

Some famous 1.60m Horses out of the damline are for example:

Major de Coquerie – Kevin Staut
Perfect de Coquerie – Benjamin Robert & Georgina Bloomberg
Ulane de Coquerie – Alberto Zorzi
Ashkari – Yazmin Pinchen
Rivage du Poncel
Radiator II Jemen – Roberto Reynoso Fernandez Filho
Upfron – Lauren Hough

Horsetelex links:

Sire: Emerald van’t Ruytershof

Dam: Baya de Levaux…/pedigree/1749168/baya-de-levaux



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